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Forillon Nat park Canada
Forillon has long pebble beaches with beautiful cliffs tumbling into the Gulf of St Lawrence. The center of the park is dense forested hills. Nothing shows the park better than today's photos of one small stretch of the northern side of the park. The majestic head of land with the sunset glow is my favorite #82. You can see the sunlight on the rock face. Look at the rock layers. There is a million years of history there. Remember, this is the eastern end of the Appellation Mountains. Think of millennia of storms that have tried to beat the mountain into submissions. Canon 50D, 01 sec, f/16, ISO 100, 55mm 6:30 PM, tripod.
This ‘flower” is really a fine art still life. During a mission trip to Oaxaca Mexico, we stayed a few nights at La Betulia Bed and Breakfast. The food was fabulous (there was very little use of Cilantro, I hate Cilantro). I was sitting around and trying to capture all the bright colors that were flooding my eyes. I took pictures of food, of chairs, of fruit, of people and gardens,,,, but this one little cup of fresh flowers kept grabbing my attention. I was attracted to the complementary colors of the blue wall and the golden flowers. I slid over and moved the cup to side of the table. Still not happy, I moved the table away from a window. I moved the cup a little closer to the wall and turned its handle. I composed with the flowers in and down 1/3 into the frame (rule-of-thirds). Then I took this picture. Just WOW! Isn’t it pretty?
Cuba Tourist Taxies.jpg
Havana Taxi stand by capitol
Hope in the Grand Canyon
I like the way the light penetrates through the storms as if it is blessing the depths of the canyon. The hand of God…. I can read so much into this one. How do you see it? I stood up there in the cold with my hat over my camera and my head getting wet as squall after squall moved across the canyon. I was waiting for just the right light. I spent an hour developing a large pano in Lightroom and Photoshop. I liked the wide pano but it was missing something. When I came back to the picture the next day I realized that to focus on the main subject (the break in the clouds) I should throw out all the information on the sides that I worked so hard to bring in. I cropped this one square. Most people don’t like square pictures but I like the tension they can bring. The eye doesn’t have a left-right or up-down guide and must find its own way. They force you to look at the very center first and then wonder around. Exactly what I needed for this shot!
This is just a colorful picture that catches and holds the eye. There is so much to look at that the eye has no place to rest. The stained glass border at first attracts, and then pushes the eye back into the center. After a little detective work you can read “Welcome Friends” in the window. To me, that cements a peaceful feeling into the photo. Canon 50D, Tamron 90mm Macro lens, 1/25 sec, f/9.0, ISO 500, Tripod used, 9/24/2013. In post processing I had to clone out several price tags. Back in 2013 I was using Photoshop Elements software and they didn’t have content aware fill back then. Matching the translucent glass color was a pain. But the results were worth it. This was taken at Hot Sam's Antiques and Big Weird Junk in Lakeview, Minnesota. Hot Sam’s is worth a short detour off of I35. (They do charge a Photo Fee.) I have several good shots from there. This one shot has a funny story with it. I was with a professional photographer that day and when I showed him this picture he ran back and shot
Savana Portage State Park 2012-09-18.jpg
A cool fall morning at one of my favorite state parks in Minnesota.
20191118 Smoky Mnt Nat Park
20151007-Great Fslls-0085.jpg
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (also known as "the Grand Old Ditch" or the "C&O Canal"). Construction began in 1828 and ended in 1850. This is Lock 17 in the National Historical Park MD.
Minneapolis from old 24th Street Pedestrian Bridge over I35W.
This is an iconic view of downtown Minneapolis taken from the old 24th Street Pedestrian Bridge over I35W. The streaks of tail and head lights point to the awaking city. Their leading lines pull you into its heart. I like the balance of tonality. The softness is the calm before the morning meetings start. Right now it is peaceful. I can smell the coffee brewing.
Supper is on the way
Mallard Island on Rainy Lake MN. Ernest Oberholtzer foundation.
Forillon Nat park Canada 20170220-Oaxaca-0010-Edit-2.jpg Cuba Tourist Taxies.jpg Hope in the Grand Canyon IMG_8670-Edit131-130924-Edit Savana Portage State Park 2012-09-18.jpg 20191118 Smoky Mnt Nat Park 20151007-Great Fslls-0085.jpg Minneapolis from old 24th Street Pedestrian Bridge over I35W. Supper is on the way
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