Mallard Island on Rainy Lake MN. Ernest Oberholtzer...
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Mallard Island on Rainy Lake MN. Ernest Oberholtzer foundation.
Mallard Island on Rainy Lake MN. Ernest Oberholtzer foundation.

Supper is on the way!
Mallard Island the home place of Ernest C. Oberholtzer, wilderness advocate. Ober lived here for about 40 years, from the early 1920s to the late 1950s, and he developed the island for guests and shared it with his friends. More can be learned about this wonderful place and Ober’s legacy at [ ]. The “Wannigan” called “Kitchen Boat” by Ober was brought in about the time that Cedarbark House was moored along shore, so that he, Ernest Oberholtzer, and his mother would have some place to cook.

This small dry-docked boat holds the kitchen for teams staying on Mallard Island. Two or three people each day are assigned responsibility for dinner. We agree on a menu and purchase the ingredients before we arrive at Mallard. -0193 is a picture of the vegetables for a night’s dinner. After lunch I saw the team gather their vegetables. The colors and wholesomeness of all the fresh vegetables shouted to me. I came back with my camera and tripod to photograph with the midday light coming in the window. I set my tripod up on the table to shoot down on the vegetables. I showed Will my first shots and he suggest I crop it closer. I repositioned and rearranged some of the vegetables and utensils. It still looked too “dead”. I cut a cucumber to bring some action into the scene.


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