Fly Agaric mushroom
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Fly Agaric mushroom
Fly Agaric mushroom

Fly Agaric mushroom

I take a lot of mushroom pictures. This is the most pleasing. The poisonous Fly Agaric (Amanita
muscaria) mushroom has such a lovely yellow orange glow. The bumps on the cap give it character. I like the way the mushroom is slightly off center. The green moss is a complementary color that makes both colors pop off the page. I like the smooth spot on the cap, it draws me to it every time. I like the way the focus grows softer as you move deeper
into the background.

This mushroom popped up right next to our camper. I took my time with
this set up. I had to drop my tripod down to the ground level. The
camera was hanging upside-down. I was laying down with twigs and brush
poking me. I composed and recomposed (and maybe decomposed). I carefully
focused (I nailed it, the image is tack sharp!). I set up a 30" diffuser to soften the light. I tripped the cable release (several times with minute changes). I got up and opened a beer.

Aug 2014, Fundy National Park located on the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick.



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