Colorful Glass
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Colorful Glass
Colorful Glass

This is just a colorful picture that catches and holds the eye. There is so much to look at that the eye has no place to rest. The stained glass border at first attracts, and then pushes the eye back into the center. After a little detective work you can read “Welcome Friends” in the window. To me, that cements a peaceful feeling into the photo.

Canon 50D, Tamron 90mm Macro lens, 1/25 sec, f/9.0, ISO 500, Tripod used, 9/24/2013. In post processing I had to clone out several price tags. Back in 2013 I was using Photoshop Elements software and they didn’t have content aware fill back then. Matching the translucent glass color was a pain. But the results were worth it.

This was taken at Hot Sam's Antiques and Big Weird Junk in Lakeview, Minnesota. Hot Sam’s is worth a short detour off of I35. (They do charge a Photo Fee.) I have several good shots from there. This one shot has a funny story with it. I was with a professional photographer that day and when I showed him this picture he ran back and shot it himself. About a week later I saw it on his web site for sale. (Mine is better. No distracting price tags.) I think that is a good affirmation. I wonder if he sold any?


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