Christina Falls Mt Rainer
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Christina Falls Mt Rainer
Christina Falls Mt Rainer

When I look this photo of Christine Falls in Mt Rainer National Park, I see the technical details that went into it and I am pleased with the results. I like the way my eye is drawn into the scene, how the vibrance makes the image jump off the screen; but then I feel a peacefulness, I want to walk into the Falls and feel the spray (I didn’t risk the climbing down, some people did), I feel a love for the beauty of nature, an appreciation of the beauty of our world, I am at peace.




Christine Falls is an iconic location in Mt Rainer Nt Pk. I wanted to ‘document’ it and try to create art. I used a tripod and long shutter speed to blur the water. I took several shots at different exposures to get the full dynamic range (HDR), I took three groupings moving down the scene to get it all in (Pano), in post processing (Lightroom, Aurora HDR, and Photoshop) I combined the three exposures (HDR), Stitched the three groupings into the Pano, and added an Orton effect and dodge and burn in Photoshop to soften the foliage and deepen the shadows. Canon 80D,
20mm (Canon EF-S 18-135mm), Aperture priority HDR bracketing 0.8 sec to 6.0 sec., f/22, ISO 100. July 7, 2018

Now the person next to me, who just walked down the steps and snapped a picture with their cell phone, has a great picture too. The water won’t be blurred but who cares.

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